India, india said on saturday it was planning to turn some railway coaches into isolation wards for patients with as authorities. India's population of 1 3 billion was given less than four hours' notice of the three week lockdown on tuesday officially, britons in india say they have been left "abandoned" with "no help whatsoever" from the uk government the entire country. The government on saturday refuted report that said india had entered stage 3 of covid 19 pandemic propagated by an online, the pause in cricket due to the coronavirus pandemic will allow india's jaded players to recharge their batteries according.

The workers set out on foot in the wee hours of the morning for villages hundreds of miles away walking along the roads they, india needs at least 38 million masks and 6 2 million pieces of personal protective equipment as it confronts the spread of. Millions of homeless people and migrant labourers have been left in the lurch after india announced a 21 day lockdown in a, world migrant workers leave cities on trucks in locked down india posted with no way to earn a living and all public. India has been criticised for its poor record of testing people in the battle against coronavirus that however is set to, the measure was designed to help low income households cope with the county's 21 day lockdown in response to the coronavirus.

Indian technology company infosys terminated the services of mujeeb mohammad who was employed at its bengaluru office after

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